Saturday, March 10, 2007

La duzi

The title means "spicy stomach." I'll let you all guess what that means.

I've been out for the past couple of days sick, but I'm feeling more stable and less awful tonight so Tania, Diana, and I went out to Foreigner's Street for some Western Food and now I'm checking my email. The smoke in the internet cafe makes me feel even more nauseous than I already am, so this is a short "preview" sort of update.

In the next entry you will hear about:

Learning to play mahjong (ma-jiang), negotiating a Chinese cafeteria, Chinese classes one-on-one, cultural exchange activities, going to the Minority Students University, my trip-mate John and his crazy crazy antics, the cutest dog ever and his ride on a Chinese cable car, our visit to the Western Hills, my second time ever code-switching, and how to buy 15 DVDs for Y90 (about $10.50.)

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