Thursday, May 17, 2007

RIP Next year's sanity

A piece of news:

My thesis grant got approved! So I will be officially staying in China through July sometime (that decision will be made now that I have the official okay) with $1620 to help me along. Of course, the down side is now I have to do research wherein I am academically responsible to the entire Anthro community at Wesleyan, I have to actually pick a topic instead of piecing together my paper from the research I happen to have done a la my current ISP topic, and next year I will be One of Those Seniors (holy crap, I'm going to be a senior...) who holds up the line in the library checking out 60 books at a time, who falls asleep in her thesis carrel, and who has an aneurysm in March. Exciting? I guess?

That does mean that my blog will be a continuing record of Chinesetastic adventures through July, so those of you who so desire can continue to stay tuned. (I also, for the record, fully intend to continue this blog during international jaunts in the future.)

To lighten the post a little:

Since I'm not really feeling like updating about Lanping just yet, I will instead share a comic with you from the internet comic Cyanide and Happiness. Not the best one, but the only family-friendly one I could find. (I have been lately indulging my craving for random English-language humor, complete with internet comics and internet animations galore. For the younger minds in my audience, I highly recommend the Teen Girl Squad animations at

Next time there'll be a real post. Promise.


Julia said...

I really love your writing... I got chills reading about your trip to Kham and how you described Tibetan culture there, and I live here. I'm so proud of you for getting a grant and staying in China. I'm going to try to write a thesis too (although probably not honors) so we can keep each other company while we lose our minds. Yay!

Julia said...

Also, that comic made my day, or rather my yesterday, which is why I initially wanted to post, a day later. Gwar!