Sunday, July 8, 2007

Plagued By The Plague

Here I thought I was in a great place to start blogging again in earnest, but of course these things never work out as planned.

Chiefly in my way: a fairly horrendous stomach sickness. Said bacterial menace has kept me partially to totally out of commission for upwards of 2 weeks and has been resistant to: countless Immodium; the BRAT diet (which here consists basically of mini-muffins, bananas, white rice, and fake packaged bread which they call "france bread" when I can find it); two rounds of Cipro (the all-purpose travel antibiotic engineered to wipe out anything residing in your tummy); and a Chinese IV treatment with replacement fluids and antibiotics. And yet my stomach continues to rebel. I gotta tell you, I'm pretty ready to throw in the towel, regardless of what a sad, disappointing, and frustrating ending that would make to this wonderful adventure.

But you gotta quit sometime, and I'm not sure how much more intestinal fortitude (pun intended) I have.


Julia said...

Oh man, that sucks. :( It's the worst when your body holds you back. I'm sorry if this means no China adventures for now, but this means that right now, you need to listen to your body and not fight it.

Have you seen a doctor? If it's an amoeba, Cipro won't cure it, and if Immodium isn't stopping it at all, you should probably see a doctor.

Marianna said...

As someone who was about to jump out a window because of an infection not responding to antibiotics - go see a doctor (or three)! Even if you already have!

Marianna said...


Marianna said...

damn it! *tries again*