Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An ending and a beginning

At long last I've finished recording my five months of incredible adventure in China. As a way to close off that era of this blog, I thought I would experiment with a new feature on blogspot (well, since I began recording my Chinese adventures almost two years ago): video. Below are a few videos of the Xiong family--they give a far more vivid picture of what it was like to live in a Pumi village for three days than I ever could.

The circle dance

Limei's older brother sings a traditional Pumi song in the half-light of their house at night

Limei's mother plays the Pumi version of the Jew's harp
(I have a wonderful video of her singing, but unfortunately it's too large for blogspot)

So now, with this behind us, we shall take "Wide Eyes Wider World" into the future. There's an entire 11-day road trip down the east coast of the United States to blog about (March 2008). And by the time that's done, dear reader, we will have a year-long trip around the world to embark upon.

But that's another story...

For now, this is the chance to say 再见 (good bye) to China one last time,

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