Monday, April 27, 2009

The perils of Chinese internet

Boy, it has been a really, really long time since I've had internet access in any significant way. And today the trend continues! However, I am heading to Hanoi, Vietnam on a night plane tonight (along with my intrepid parents!) and we will have a computer wired to the internet in our room. So: fingers crossed! If all goes well there should be a lot of photo-rich entries coming your way.

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Ryan Seacrest said...

hey! just so you know, dove and i are still in the throes of figuring out where we want to go, when and how to work around his work schedule. i'll be in china may 3-june 2, this i know, but not a lot i'll keep you updated. also, tell me if there's any place we should absolutely avoid or absolutely see. haha wow who knew that china was kind of big and amazing. a little hard to see the whole thing in a matter of weeks. shock.

we're talking hunan, yunnan and guangxi provinces.

hope you're having fun!