Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boston, Berlin; Tomay-to, tomah-to

I arrived in Berlin late last night, and the first things I saw when I got into the train station were:

a) An advertisement for the Blue Man Group
b) A Dunkin Donuts

So I had a moment of Boston nostalgia around these two originals my hometown-- It's easy these days, since I love New England fall dearly. But... then I forged ahead into the unbelievably complicated S-Bahn-U-Bahn metro system, which puts dear old Boston to shame (there are something like 25 lines!) and remembered what city I was in, after all.

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Shum said...

I was just in Boston this weekend. New England autumn always brings back a lot of nostalgia...though for what I'm never quite sure. First days of school?

Also, just looked through your pictures of China. Beautiful.