Saturday, June 6, 2009

Meet Appy Fizz (Say What?: India Edition)

Dedicated readers of this blog will remember the entry in which I faithfully recreated the label of a local New Zealand soft drink called Lemon and Paeroa (sadly, given the recent downfalls of this blog, you may still be able to see said entry on the front page, despite my having drunk the L&P almost three months ago.) Here in India I recently came across another interesting soft drink, this one by the name of Appy Fizz (a faux-sparkling apple cider sort of thing.) Although this one isn't quite so packed full of local slang, it's still an interesting look into English-language advertising in India. (To make sure this wasn't an import I scrutinized the bottle until I found a little product stamp that reads "Refresh India" and a blurb below the nutrition facts that states that the drink was manufactured in a small village in Haryana state.)

And I quote:
"The Apple of my I
Hi, I present to you the new + evolved Appy Fizz. Cooler than ever before. And even more good looking in a swanky new branded label. Made with the finest handpicked apples, it's a favourite of the cool. So let's bring out the ice and party on! - Cheers, A.F.

I LIKE Weekends, blind dates, and being a superstar (in front of my mirror).
I DISLIKE Bouncers, teleshopping, and scripted reality shows.
MY FAV ONELINERS Party makes man perfect
MY ADDRESS Your refrigerator
Save Trees: Without trees, there'd be no hammocks, no film stars running around them, no gravity + I wouldn't have been discovered either. So, plant trees, get breeze.
Let's meet at [appy fizz website] and take this further."

I think that last part is the best/oddest.

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