Friday, January 9, 2009

A little taste

Boy, the pace of life these past few days here in Sydney has really taken me by surprise. I've been getting up and out early and coming back late (at least what seems like catastrophically late to me; I am still way more jet lagged than I'd like to admit.) Today especially, as I woke up at 5:30 am to go with a new couchsurfing friend to see the fresh catch auction at Sidney fish market (the biggest in the southern hemisphere, supposedly the most impressive outside of Tsukiji in Tokyo.) The day kept going and going; I got a traditional Sidneysider breakfast, wandered around an as-yet undiscovered part of the harbor, listened to Men At Work on my iPod on the steps of Sidney town hall (it had to be done), met 13 other surfers for coffee in a super trendy area called Newtown, took the ferry across the harbor to Manly Beach and watched the waves, bought a two-liter of ice cream from a super market and ate it with the others looking over Manley inlet, then lastly went to a pub in the old part of town and talked and drank cider and ate free sausages until I was ready to fall over.

So you might understand why I'm tired, and why I find it daunting to begin to write. I think this sort of thing will be easier a) when I am better adapted to the time difference b) when I have a better grasp of the rhythm of travel and c) if/when I am staying with someone who has wireless.

So I will continue to endeavor to post as much as possible. Do not give up hope! There are gorgeous photos of the Opera House and a funny story about cute Sydney goths obsessed with Disneyland in your future. But first: 10,000 people descend on Sydney for the First Night Festival tomorrow night. Santogold will be there (and like 150 other artists and dance companies)! Wesleyan, represent.


Anonymous said...

Goths down under! Do tell!! Miss you, Alissa, and thinking you good travel thoughts!

Aaron said...

Alissa, im here! and i will follow up
ur trip here! good luck!