Monday, January 12, 2009

More morsels

I'm so sorry to keep doing this, leading you on with tiny little clues and tastes. Unfortunately that's what I've had time for. I keep hoping the next place I go will have better access.

Anyway, I am in Port Macquarie at the moment. Took the train up here (about 6 hours) yesterday through endless farmland. Last night I surfed at the house of a Brit expat hippie. There were five other girls with me, from Germany and the UK, and we all drank wine and made amazing Malaysian stir fry, then drove out to the headland nearby, where there is a lighthouse, to watch the moon rise over the ocean and drink champagne. I know, I can't believe it either.

This morning we woke up early to listen to the birds at sunrise. I actually was woken earlier by kookaburras. I thought I had heard a kookaburra (which is a humongous bird related to the kingfisher) before, but I was wrong. The buggers sound deranged, like the Joker with a beak, and they are very, very loud. The other bird calls were beautiful, though.

In a few minutes I am leaving to visit a koala hospital (!!) and then catch a ride up the coast with two of the German girls to Byron Bay, which is close-ish to Brisbane. Hopefully there will be better internet where I stay tonight (if all works out, in the Gold Coast. If not, in a camper van, which will make the prospect for quality internet slightly less solid.) For now: an incredibly blue sky, a gorgeous coastline, and 6 hours to take it all in.

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