Monday, June 18, 2007

Coming soon to a travelblog near you...

I'm back in Kunming now, which feels very strange because no one I know is here. I'm living in the same dorm we lived in during paper writing time, actually only in the room next to where I lived, the same suite. But there are no SIT students living upstairs, no Diana across the way, no Thai girls to run into. The international students building is oddly empty, I'm currently the only person in the computer lab. It's possible that John will show up with his girlfriend in a few days, which would be nice, and I made a new friend last night in the area we call Wai Guo Lu ("Foreigner's Street.") But for now, I'm on my own. It feels very strange.

But: it means that I'll have plentiful time to catch up on blogging and, if I can get my computer to connect to blogger (which hasn't been happening up until now, I'm in an internet cafe now) even some pictures! Hallelujah!

So, (for real this time), expect the following soon:

-My Pumi friend/translator/adhesive strip
-Being a celebrity simply because of my skin
-My forays into the Lisu countryside
-Going drinking with soldiers
-Bathing in insects. Ew.

-My one and only night clubbing
-Presentations and writing my 36 page paper

-Terracotta Soldiers redux
-The very best spoken English I've ever heard here
-Sophie becomes a jiaozi ("dumpling") and other hijinks

-Great Wall redux
-John, my parents, and the start of a lovely (and slightly disturbing) friendship
-Our failed Mulan drinking game
-Panjiayuan, the antique market

-Kashgar: Everything. Oh, man. But seriously: the animal market, the Bazaar, the mosque, the tombs, the Central Asianness of everything.
-Urumqi: Russia Lite, Tianchi Lake and all of its stunningness, our Mongolian guide
-Turpan: A real live oasis, a 2000 year old irrigation system, a 2500 year old ancient city, riding camels in the Gobi Desert
-Dunhuang: Our amazing bad luck, our amazing good luck, climbing a huge sand dune, sliding down said sand dune on a wooden crate-type-thing

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