Sunday, June 24, 2007

Picture Post 7: My Sideng Homestay and the Friday Market

We spent 4 days in Sideng, Shaxi valley several hours outside of Dali:
(Also, a note about current blogging practices: as I will be leaving to head back to Nujiang within the next few days, I'm currently trying to get as many pictures up as possible. If people would prefer I return to an at least partly narrative approach before I'm back in Nujiang, I'm perfectly willing. Just leave me a comment by clicking on the postcard link below, or drop me an email)

Really not doing the view of the Shaxi valley justice on the hike down Shibaoshan

The inn where I stayed in my "rural" homestay in Sideng

My Bai host parents

The traditional compound Mike and John stayed in in Sideng

"I you'sed a ho this morning!"-- working in the fields with John's host dad

The Sideng Friday market, against a dramatic backdrop

Faces at the market

Mmmm, fresh snake

My photographic obsession with Yi minority people

Beautiful children of undetermined minority descent at the market

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