Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Picture Post 2: Settling In

I've recieved some good feedback about my last post, so I'm going to try this again. I'm feeling some pressure because once I leave Kunming there probably won't be anywhere else with wireless in which to use my computer, so picture uploading will be mostly out of the question. So: the Settling In period in Kunming, pre-Yunnan Exploration Project. I took a lot of pictures during this time, so this collection is very much abridged.

An unfortunate but neccessary picture of me being lifted up by an elephant's trunk at the Minzu Cun ("Minority Village") during our Drop Off exercise

Me and Monty with new Hani friends at the Minzu Cun

Our new Wa friends at the Minzu Cun performing a traditional Wa dance

...and just sitting around talking with us and being gorgeous

Ashley with her Tibetan nainai (grandma) at a big Tibetan dinner/dance we went to

A visit to the city gardens

View out over Kunming from the top of Xishan ("Western Hills)

A bilingual poster at Kunming's largest mosque

Monty talking to some nuns at said mosque

An actress getting made up for a Beijing Opera performance we swaw

One of three places that calls itself the Bird and Flower Market

Balls of furry adorableness at Bird and Flower Market #2

Diana and I went with John to get his bad back treated with acupuncture. Here he's having herbs burned over the acupuncture needles.

The market in Lunan, where we went on our early morning adventure pre-Stone Forest

John eating a chicken foot (and, yes, wearing a Viagra baseball cap, don't ask)

Pictures of the Stone Forest

Kunming at night

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