Monday, June 18, 2007

Picture Post 1: Back to the beginning

So, I'm going to try this, but I don't know how it will work. Blogger is very difficult about picture posting in my opinion, and I actually can't see the outcome because while writing in one's blog is not blocked, seeing Blogger blogs is blocked (try saying that three times fast) by those that control Chinese internet. If you have any feedback about whether to continue this attempt at picture posting while I can't see how it comes out with labels and all, drop me an e-mail or leave me a comment postcard with the little button below. So, without further ado: Tonghai, 400 km south of Kunming, where we had our Orientation.

A performance by some of the last bound feet women alive

The bound feet women dancing. You can see here how out of proportion and misshapen their feet are

Adorable Chinese children, picture one of many, outside Tonghai

A very enthusiastic (and drunk) Tonghai official greeting Lu Laoshi

Altogether too many empty bottles of bai jiu for one night

Temple gardens in Xiushan park

The old man teaching me er hu

An altar on Xiushan

Some of the temples

Looking out over Tonghai from the top of Xiushan

The guys of our program, in various states of sobriety, after another disastrous night having alcohol merrily forced on us by Tonghai officials. From left: Mike, Monty, Chris, Jonathan, Lee, Justin, and on the ground, John.

Women in traditional Mongolian dress watch the festivities at the Mongolian village outside of Tonghai

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