Saturday, June 2, 2007

Wan le!(Finished!)

Ms. Alissa, currently of Yunnan Normal University, Kunming, China is proud to announce that, after an almost week-long labor, she gave birth to a 36-page, healthy baby at approximately 10:15 AM on May 30. The baby, whose gender is undisclosed at this time, has been christened "'Once Upon a Time' In the Valley: Storytelling in Nujiang Prefecture.'" Alissa is resting comfortably, having turned her baby in for inspection to the proper authorities.

(And tomorrow she's going to Xi'an and Beijing with her program-mates to see historical sites and PAR-TAY before a week-long trip with her parents and a return to Yunnan for 5.5 further weeks of research. And maybe a trip to actual Tibet, or somewhere interesting in any case.)

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