Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Northeast

Sorry I've been so bad at updating lately. A Liuku rundown will come soon, I promise, but in truth I don't know exactly when because we are going to be scooting around Beijing for the next 4 days (we arrived there from Xi'an of the Terracotta Warriors this morning) and then I go off with my parents for a week of exploring the Silk Road (such adventures! So excited!) This trip to Northeast China has been fantastic in terms of dissolving all of my stress, although it was hard to say goodbye to the Kunming I know, featuring all SIT people, people from the Duke program (Diana, especially), and lots of other students who are leaving before I come back (my Scottish suitemate, the Thai friends I made who choras "Niii haoooo" whenever I see them.) Of course the city will be there when I come back on June 16, but it won't be quite the same.

Xi'an was great, not nearly as hot as I expected. We spent our day there in the Muslim corner. Today is free to see modern Beijing (at a chic bar with internet now); tomorrow is the Great Wall and the Summer Palace; next day is the Forbidden City and hopefully making a side trip to Panjiayuan, a fantastic antique market I went to the first time I came here. The semester is almost over, but for me summer is just beginning.

Real update coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

god hates you alissa.

-love carl
and u should contact me, in regards to rustic overtones tickets...
because lesbians demand it of you!
so there.
you like apples?

I already got two tickets, how bout them apples!

no but seriously, I think u get home 3 days before the show, so its entirely feasible, dependent on your schedule of course.

And no because you are wondering I have not read any of your blog.
Kathleen is here and told me to post here so that I might contact you.


-Love Carl......AGAIN!