Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Picture Post 4: Life in Kunming

A comparatively short photologue of day to day life in Kunming between my trip to Xishuangbanna and our departure for the two-week field trip around the province:

My homestay Ayi and my homestay sister, Su. (Chinese people don't tend to smile in pictures)

The apartment complex where I lived for my homestay

Students relaxing on the Yunnan Normal University (also known as Shi Da) campus

The corner at the beginning of Wai Guo Lu (Foreigner's Street), where many of my favorite hangouts are located, including the coffee shop in which I am currently writing this entry

John, Ali, and Kyra on the electric scooter I never understood why John's hostparents let him borrow

Me and my endlessly sweet Chinese teachers (I'm going to dim sum with them tomorrow), Zeng Laoshi (left) and Gao Laoshi (right)

Tania, her hostfamily, and the very odd wreath her hostmom (who had Tania call her "big sister") made her

Pretty countryside outside Kunming, on Tania's and my trip to hotsprings with her hostfamily

A little girl caught in the act of picking her nose at Bird and Flower Market #3

A bizarrely dyed dog at Bird and Flower Market #3

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