Thursday, June 28, 2007

Final Picture Post (For the Time Being): Lanping

After this comes some real live text/narrative! I've finally caught the pictures up to where I left off, in Liuku! Hallelujah! So, last step: the first week and a half of my ISP (Independent Study Project), in Lanping, China:

Some lovely countryside where I was stranded for an hour and a half while waiting for an accident to be cleared off the tiny road on the way to Lanping

A dragon gate at a temple near Lanping

View from the top of the temple

Lanping isn't so much in a valley as it is plunked down between two mountains

Dancing in the square

Some of my Lanping friends

Young Bai child on a Lanping street

Children playing on a waterfall in Lanping park

Pumi women in Lanping park

Bai woman working in the Lanping marketplace

A bowl of chicken feet at the market place

Tania with the little mountain of junk food we took on our picnic

View from mid-stream in the little river I fell into on our picnic

Playing "bu shi" at the teahouse

Lanping at night

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