Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Picture Post 3: My Yunnan Exploration Project-- Xishuangbanna

The third entry in my exhibition of pictures from this semester. I've decided I'm going to keep posting only picture posts until I catch up to Liuku, where I haven't written yet. Then I'll be able to write doing both. After, once I get to Nujiang again, well, we'll see from there. But meanwhile, I present to you my trip to Xishuangbanna on the Laos/Myanmar border during our Yunnan Exploration Project. You'd think a person couldn't take a lot of pictures in six days, but you'd be wrong.

Front porch of the Dai-style bungalow I stayed in in Jinghong, framed by banana leaves

Misty countryside outside Jinghong

Monk robes drying at a lamasery in Jinghong

Temples in a park in Jinghong

The countryside Buddhist temple we ran across on Diana's and my bike ride near Ganlanba

Images of the Xishuangbanna countryside, featuring lots of greenery, flowers, and traditional Dai-style houses

Images from the Menghun market

Diana in front of the enormous, beautifully wrought Burmese Pagoda we hiked up a mountain to find

At the Dai wedding to which Lee, Diana, and I were invited

The famous Jingzhen octagonal pagoda, the end of Diana's and my wild good chase through the Banna countryside

The treehouse where I spent my night at Banna Wild Elephant Valley

Sunrise in the Xishuangbanna Jungle

The big tree swings that go out over jungle streams. So much fun to ride!

I didnt' see any wild elephants, but I did see... elephants kneeling!

A wild monkey hanging out, so to speak

One of the Valley's tame monkeys and a baby bear! Snuggling! So cute!

The baby monkey that stole my glasses

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